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Asiaqs department of hydrology, climate and environment is a team of skilled employees with local knowledge of Greenland. We are ready to contribute with our expertise to new surveys, environmental assessments and monitoring projects. We hold the practical experience necessary to find good solutions to the logistical and climatic challenges that may arise in the arctic environment.

We can help you clarify the requirements of the project, so you get the right method and the right data for your purposes.


Consulting; guidance and clarification of requirements in regard to environmental assessments, renewable energy, infrastructure, construction works, water supplies, water resources and waste water outlets.

  • Consulting for hydrological surveys, including water resources, dimensioning of measurement stations, hydrological modelling, statistical analyses, catchment- and protection zone delineation, waste water outlets, flood calculations and glacier monitoring.
  • General consultation regarding data requirements and analyses
  • Consulting for climatic surveys, including dimensioning of measurement stations, choice of parameters, statistical analyses and energy balance modelling.
  • Practical solutions to energy supply and data communication for remote measurement stations

Anders Læsøe
Head of department