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Data Distribution

From 1st January 2018, some of the geographic data produced by Asiaq is freely available.

The release includes Asiaq's digital maps of Greenlandic cities and town. Public and private users can now download and use this data freely.

Asiaq has established a Map Service, where you can download free geographic data like:

  • Technical base map: Technical topographic maps including area names, building numbers and feature descriptive text.
  • Digital terrain model and elevation contours.
  • Orthophoto, a geometrically rectified aerial photomosaic.
  • The technical base map in a generalized version called G50.

The free technical base map does not include Asiaq’s historical data.

You can find the Map Service of Asiaq here:

Map Service

If you only want to view the technical base map and ortofoto, you can find it here:

Map Display

The geographic data is available in the following formats: Pdf, Dgn, Dwg, Tab and Shape

A complete overview of the technical base map's themes and objects can be found in this pdf document:
To see a list of the places where Asiaq updates the technical base map, click below: