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Climate and water

Asiaq has extensive knowledge of the construction and operation of weather stations for both private and public clients. Our equipment comes from established suppliers and our own, competent workshop, and is well adapted to the arctic environment. The measured weather data is sent directly to our servers via satellite or mobile network, and can be monitored on a daily basis.

Asiaq operates a network of weather stations on the west coast of Greenland, in cooperation with Greenland Airports and the Danish Meteorological Institute. The weather observations are continuously published on our weather website,


Surveying for new airports, construction work and infrastructure; wind energy; evaluation of ice- and wind overburden on power lines; climate projections; input to environmental assessment; baseline studies of mine projects.

  • Climate survey consultancy
  • Supply of present and historical weather data, including air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, long- and shortwave radiation, wind speed and direction, UVB, visibility, precipitation and snow depth.
  • Construction, erection and operation of automatic weather stations
  • Quality assurance and reporting of data from weather stations
  • Supply of imagery and analysis from cloud cameras
  • Ground temperature and permafrost monitoring
  • Energy balance modelling
  • Snow surveys
Contact person
Anders Læsøe
Head of Department