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Asiaq is a certified drone operator in Greenland with many certified drone pilots. Asiaq can operate their drones in all areas of Greenland including both urban and non-urban areas. Drones allow us to obtain precise and efficient measurements over a large and difficult to access areas. We can produce and deliver detailed point clouds, digital terrain and surface models, as well as high resolution orthophotos on the order of cm.

Asiaq has a variety of different drones at its disposal, including quadcopters, and fixed-wing drones. The different drones support a range of payloads and can be equipped with different cameras and sensors depending on the specifications of the tasks, which include mapping, monitoring, surveying, and research.

  • Mapping

  • Volume measurements and estimations

  • Monitoring and surveying

  • Research

  • Images and high resolution orthophotos

  • Terrain and surface models

  • Point cloud


Josephine D. Munch