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The technical base map

The technical base map is a technical-topographic 3D map with high resolution and accuracy.

The base map covers all the Greenlandic towns and settlements, and includes roads, paths, buildings, technical installations, city inventories, streams, lakes, land use, building use, ports, airports, place names, building numbers and house numbers. The base map also contains height data, such as digital terrain model and contour lines.

The base map is established on the basis of aerial photography recorded vertically over the terrain from either aircraft or drone. The base map is updated by RTK_GNNS (GPS) on the terrain or by measurement in aerial images (photogrammetry).

The many different aerial photos are put together into a geometrically composed photo mosaic called an orthophoto. The orthophoto is absolute measurable and can be combined with the base maps or other geo rectified maps.

The base map can be used, e.g. for land-use planning, land administration, mineral exploration, nature protection and conservation, design and construction of plants and infrastructure, transport and logistics, emergency services as well as outdoor life and tourism. Data are also used for research regarding e.g. nature, environment, climate, culture and history.

The base map consists of:
  • Technical topographic vector map including place names, building numbers and utilities.
  • Terrain model and contour lines.
  • Cartographic raster map in two derived versions in the scale 1: 2,750 and 1: 5,000.

You can find the Map Service of Asiaq here:

Map Service

If you only want to view the technical base map and ortofoto, you can find it here:

Map Display

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A complete overview of the technical base map’s themes and objects can be found in this pdf-document:
To see a list of the places where Asiaq updates the technical base map, click below:


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