The technical base map

The technical base map is a technical-topographic 3D map with high resolution and accuracy.

The technical base map is derived from many aerial photographs taken from either airplane or drone. The aerial photos are assembled into a geometrically rectified photomosaic, called an orthophoto. The orthophoto is correctly geo-located. It is a supplement to - and can be compared to - the base map or any other georeferenced map.


The technical base map is used for area planning, area management, mineral exploration, environmental protection, planning and construction of infrastructure, transport and logistics, emergency services as well as outdoor activities and tourism. In addition, data are used for research within environment, climate, culture and history.

Data can be downloaded from Asiaq´s FTP server 
You can use this link to fetch data

or you can use a FTP client.
Serveral free FTP clients are available and one among many can be downloaded from
In the Filezilla program, you shall enter the FTP server´s information as shown below. Finally, you press ”Quickconnect”.
With ftp client use this information:
• Host:
• Username: Asiaqs_grundkort
• Psswrd: *no pwd*


A complete overview of the technical base map’s themes and objects can be found in this pdf-document:
To see a list of the places where Asiaq updates the technical base map, click below:


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