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Ice – Water – Remote sensing

Mapping the Coastal Zone in NE Greenland

Research areas:

Coastal zone, shallow water bathymetry, tidal zone


Northeast Greenland

Start year:


End year:



Greenland Mineral License and Safety Authority (MLSA)


Remote Sensing, Asiaq

The aim of this project is to use a remote sensing approach to map and characterise the coastal zone in NE Greenland in the vicinity of off-shore hydrocarbon areas of interest. Within the project we will derive intertidal zones, shallow bathymetry and shoreline types based on the publically available data.

Currently, knowledge of coastal areas is generally poor, and this is particularly the case for the more remote areas such as NE Greenland, where ecosystems flourish in the protection of the national park. With hydrocarbon exploration pushing ever further north it is highly desirable to fill these knowledge gaps, to help foster informed decisions and to provide a planning tool in the event that an emergency response is required.