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Climate – Ice – Water

ClimateBasis Zackenberg

Research areas:

Climate, hydrology, monitoring


Northeast Greenland

Start year:


End year:


Jakob Abermann

Project leader

ClimateBasis Zackenberg is a sub-program of the Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations (ZERO), which in turn is the Northeast locality of the Greenland Ecological Monitoring program (GEM).

The program studies the climate and hydrology in Zackenberg. The core of the program builds on several automatic weather stations, including a double-mast setup in the Zackenberg valley and a hydrometric station at the Zackenberg river. The Zackenberg river is unique in a monitoring setting, as the outburst flood (GLOF) from a glacier dammed lake runs through the system with ca. one flood per year.

The output of the monitoring program is a collection of continuous and thoroughly quality controlled time series on a range of atmospheric and hydrological parameters, all publicly available through the GEM database: