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Climate – Ice – Water

ClimateBasis Disko

Research areas:

Climate, hydrology, glaciology, monitoring


Northwest Greenland

Start year:


End year:



The Danish Energy Agency

Jordi Cristóbal Rosselló

Project leader

ClimateBasis Disko is a sub-program of DiskoBasis, the Northwest locality of the Greenland Ecological Monitoring program (GEM). A pilot phase started in 2016, and the program was finally implemented in 2017.

The program monitors and studies the climate and hydrology on Disko Island. The core of the program builds on a cloud camera, an atmospheric profiler (RPG HATPRO) and Asiaq’s automatic weather station with expansions. In addition, Asiaq has been cooperating with the GeoBasis team in monitoring the discharge from Røde Elv since 2015.

The output of the monitoring program is a collection of continuous and thoroughly quality controlled time series on a range of atmospheric and hydrological parameters, all publicly available through the GEM database: